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Alexandra has lived in Steamboat for 3 years and loves the community and endless acitivities that it has to offer. She grew up on Nantucket Island and went to college in Vermont, earning her bachelor's in Public Communication. While in Vermont she caught the skiing bug and moved out West. She started babysitting when she was very young, and has continued to do so throughout her adult life. Alexandra has worked with children in many different capacities, from being a mentor, tutor, nanny, children's museum educator and working as a paraprofessional, she has enjoyed it all. She loves spending time with children because of their unique and refreshing perspective of the world, one she believes that we all can benefit from. She enjoys spending time with children outside and exploring all that Steamboat has to offfer. When Alexandra is not babysitting she is teaching yoga, cooking, mountain biking, skiing, or fishing, along with many other activities.

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